Catriona's report Migrant Filipino Workers in the Construction Industry was launched in August 2018 at functions in AUckland and Christchurch -

Catriona in 2018 spoke at Parliament to launch her report about the legal status of rodeo in New Zealand. The report was commissioned and published by the New Zealand Animal Law Association and concluded that rodeo was illegal -,-says-nzala-report. 

Catriona in mid-2017 completed research for the PSA about pay equity.

In April 2017 Catriona released a report about breaches of minimum employment standards, titled Wage Theft in Aotearoa - How employers are stealing millions from workers and how to fix it. The report can be accessed here -

In the same month, she wrote a submission for the Pay Equity Coalition Auckland about the Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) Bill.

Catriona in March 2017 completed a report about how the Government could afford to pay a Living Wage in the public sector. 

In February 2017, Catriona wrote a submission on the Children, Young Persons and Their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill for Child Poverty Action Group -

In November 2016, she authored an evaluation of the annual residential training programme for the Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand -

Catriona in August 2016 wrote a submission for E tu to the Homelessness Inquiry initiated by the Maori, Labour and Green Parties.

In June 2016, Catriona wrote a submission for Child Poverty Action Group on the Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill -

Catriona in May 2016 completed a report for E tu union, co-authored with Karena Brown, and titled E tu Home Support Workers Digital Strategy Proposal.

Catriona in March 2016 completed a report for Child Poverty Action Group titled Kathryn's Story. The report was published on 1 July 2016.

Catriona was a co-winner of the Bruce Jesson Foundation's Senior Journalism Award for 2015 for a report on the feasibility of Auckland Council paying a Living Wage to employees and contractors. The report was titled The Living Wage in the world's most liveable city in 2016 - Addressing inequality starting with Auckland Council.

Catriona is one of the authors of the Child Poverty Action Group report The complexities of "relationship" in the welfare system and the consequences for children, published in December 2014 -

In 2012, Catriona was commissioned by the Parliamentary Counsel Office to interview lawyers, judges and others in the legal profession about a proposed legal newsletter to be produced by the Office. Catriona carried out 32 interviews for the report and produced an 89 page-long final report titled Investigation into requirements for a legal newsletter. 

Catriona has written teaching materials about the laws of Evidence and Criminal Law for the College of Law and has also edited and updated materials for the College of Law.

Catriona in 2006 with Christchurch lawyer Geoff Brodie was commissioned by the District Law Societies' Libraries Steering Group to write two reports on the future of law libraries in New Zealand. The first report was a preliminary report which was used by the New Zealand Law Society in consulting on the future of law libraries. The final report comprised three volumes, which were published in August 2007. Volume One, which was 30 pages long, set out recommendations for the future of the law libraries. Volume Two, which was 94 pages long, contained background material. Volume Three consisted of a compilation of all submissions received during the consultation process.

Catriona was commissioned by the New Zealand Law Society to research and write a script and accompanying Discussion Leaders' Guide and Participants' Preparatory Material for an ethics video and handbook. The material was designed to enable law firms to discuss ethical issues with staff. Catriona also supervised the filming of the video, titled The Case of the Poisoned Kindergarten. The New Zealand Law Society additionally commissioned Catriona to research and assist with the writing of a second ethics video script and handbook, titled The Organic Apple Orchard.

In 2004, Catriona was commissioned by the Auckland District Law Society to research and write a history of the Society to mark its 125th anniversary. The history was published in a glossy, 28 page booklet called Auckland District Law Society - Celebrating the first 125 years.

In 1992, Catriona was commissioned by the then-Privacy Commissioner, Bruce Slane, to edit the review of the Privacy Act and present it in a format which would be easily accessible to the public.