Catriona MacLennan was a political journalist working in the Press Gallery for the New Zealand Press Association and The Dominion (now The Dominion Post) for six years. Catriona was deputy political editor at the New Zealand Press Association. She also covered the Winebox Commission of Inquiry into Certain Matters Relating to Taxation.

Prior to that, Catriona was a business reporter for the National Business Review and was the editor of The Accountants' Journal. Her first job in journalism was as assistant editor of The Capital Letter, a weekly publication for lawyers about court cases, legislation and law.

Catriona has been writing on a freelance basis for the past 15 years for The New Zealand Herald, The Dominion Post, At The Bar, Envoy, Law News, LawTalk, NZLawyer, Animals' Voice, Growing Today and other publications. Catriona was the editor of the New Zealand Bar Association's magazine, At The Bar, for eight years and wrote the lead story in Law News each week for 12 years. She also wrote the Auckland District Law Society's weekly e-bulletin update of case notes and legal news for a year until June 2013.

Catriona has been involved in legal writing and editing since 1984, initially writing headnotes and case notes for Butterworths. She has written extensively about almost areas of law for a wide range of legal publications, including LawTalk, Law News and NZLawyer. Catriona wrote a column called “The MacLennan Report” for NZLawyer and later wrote articles about High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court decisions for the magazine. Catriona wrote the lead story in Law News each week for 12 years. Since 2005, Catriona has written eight articles about legal issues four times a year for the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives’ quarterly publication, Envoy.

Links to a few of Catriona’s legal articles are listed below.



Court of Appeal holds Zurich policy included EQC payments to Body Corporate (29/11/13)

Police misconduct no reason to stay prosecutions against motorcycle club (1/11/13)

Queenstown airport expansion plan heads back to Environment Court (20/9/13)

Siemer’s actions “damaging” to the effective administration of justice, holds Supreme Court (26/7/13)

Sentences imposed on Lombard directors “manifestly inadequate,” holds Court of Appeal (14/6/13)

Trying the warmongers (8/5/13)

The MacLennan Report – The impact of community magistrates; Miscarriages of justice; Enhancing safety through on the spot protection orders


Law News

CBA challenge to legal aid fixed fees before High Court (25/5/12)

Tax consequences require utmost care

The lawyer who invented the cross-lease

National early intervention programme – Family Court

Managing the business risks in China (21/11/08)