Media Comment

Catriona MacLennan comments on tv, radio and in print on the law, loan sharks and credit laws, poverty, domestic violence and rape law reform, animal cruelty and other issues. Over the past 15 years she has commented on One News, Three News, Campbell Live, Tagata Pasifika, Te Karere, the Holmes Show, Agenda, Media 7, The Nation, Media Take, Breakfast, Firstline, Radio New Zealand, Radio Live, Newstalk ZB, Radio Pacific, 531pi and other media outlets.

Catriona for eight years was a legal commentator on Nine to Noon on Radio New Zealand, commenting on a broad range of legal issues. She had a legal slot for a year on both Radio Pacific and Radio Waatea. Below are some of Catriona’s recent articles and commentaries.



Finally, hope for victims of domestic violence 8 July 2017

'Wage-stealing' bosses inthe crosshairs 20 April 2017

'Identity politics' weapon of white men clinging to power February 2017

Fear and violence behind decision to keep dad's name secret 20 September 2016

Pay equity principles a missed opportunity 10 June 2016

Government rides roughshod over democracy 7 June 2016

Commissioner for animals needed 23 May 2016

Eleven years for wife murder - that is not enough 11 May 2016

Goats are not captive lawnmowers 18 April 2016

Easter eggs ? We should ban hen cages 25 March 2016

Hypocrisy and Auckland Council 3 March 2016

Specialist sexual violence courts needed 15 December 2015

Action needed on shocking dairy cruelty

Equal Pay day message to Mayor Len Brown

Why doesn't she leave ?

Bid to cut family violence needs cash backing

#YesAllWomen Face Harassment

Benefit debt punishment out of all proportion to "crime" (January 2015)

Car lovers wanted for community project (14/10/14)

Little progress on genuine equality for women (9/9/14)

Only a broad-ranging inquiry will do to tackle allegations (2/9/14)

Strangling law will help tackle domestic violence  (23/7/14)

Animals need a dedicated watchdog (10/7/14)

Animal lovers’ red-letter year (8/5/14)

Cap an easy way to protect vulnerable from loan sharks (7/5/14)

Cameras keep courts an open book (4/4/14)

Disclosure law could save women’s lives (24/3/14)

Hand the top cop role to a woman (6/3/14)

Stop dodging tax and we can end child poverty (15/3/13)

Use of power to get sex ensures equality a myth (20/12/13)

Monarch’s reign is in danger of ending (2/12/13)

Soft sentencing salt in animals’ wounds (5/11/13)

Police force fails NZ’s women – again (8/11/13)

Stop blaming the victims (19/9/13)


Mobile trucks preying on vulnerable consumers (April 2015)


Lawyers mus stop "peddling rape myths", 7 April 2017

Pain and death for naught - animal testing - 19 May 2016

New Zealand needs to stop putting animals in floating prisons (12/6/15)

Feeble animal welfare laws should be an election issue (30/7/14)

Author joins rape culture protest (17/11/13)

Family Court review just a cost-saver (9/8/12)

Sea-protest proposal a blow to human rights (15/4/13)

Shock collars are barking mad (15/10/13)

New Zealand dragging chain on sex abuse cases (15/11/13)

Cameras aid public faith in courts (28/9/12)

Failure to cap interest rates undermines law (6/6/12)


Sole parents struggle with poverty and stigma 27 July 2017

Benefit fraud 17 July 2017

Benefit fraud and punitive attitudes to beneficiaries 17 July 2017

Could Metiria Turei be prosecuted for benefit fraud ? 17 July 2017

Sexual violence double standards need to go 14 March 0217

Gender pay gap due to sexism, Radio NZ, Morning Report, 8 March 2017

Gender pay gap fixable 'overnight' - Radio NZ, Mididay Report,  8 March 2017'overnight'

Domestic violence victims placed in danger by disclosure law - NewsTalk ZB 15 September 2016

Effectiveness of domestic violence changes questioned - Radio NZ 14 September 2016's-'devastating'-family-violence-rate

Unfair treatment of beneficiaries - bfm 4 July 2016

Government punishes women unduly for benefit fraud - 30 June 2016

Radio NZ - The Living Wage and Auckland Council  1 March 2016

Pay Equity gap a result of sexism 23 January 2016

NewsTalk ZB

Domestic violence and non-fatal strangulation 3 August 2015

Family Court changes and access to justice 2 August 2015 

Discussion on 95bfm about defence lawyers and rape trials 27 July 2015 

DHB wants guardianship of young boy to ensure HIV treatment (Morning Report 9 February 2015)

State Services Commission criticised over handling of Sutton investigation (Morning Report 20 November 2014)

Half of country’s homicides are family violence related (Morning Report 26/6/14)

Lawyer backs Glenn Inquiry criticism of Family Court (Checkpoint 16/6/14)

Barrister alarmed child protection clauses being removed (News 28/4/13)

The outcome of the review of the Family Court and how it compares with a similar review in the United Kingdom (Nine to Noon 8/8/12)

Human rights law (Nine to Noon 27/6/12)

Legal changes to legal aid (Nine to Noon 23/5/12)

Loan sharks and consumer law (Nine to Noon 18/4/12)

Catriona reviews a pilot drug treatment court’s programme (Nine to Noon 14/3/12)

The right to protest versus public order – at what point do the police step in ? (Nine to Noon 14/12/11)



Metiria Turei's frauds unlikely to end in jail time - lawyer, Newshub, 4 August 2017

Kathryn's Story - Our punitive double standard Waatea 5th Estate 30 June 2016

One News - Law change won't fix domestic violence 12 May 2016

One News - Law Commission's proposals for dealing with sexual violence 15 December 2015

3 News - animal cruelty and links between animal abuse and domestic violence, 21 November 2104

One News - State Services Commission criticised over handling of Sutton investigation, 20 November 2014

Seven Sharp - comment on police not laying charges over Roastbusters, 29 October 2014

Media Take 21 October 2014 - Official Information Act abuses

Smacking – Bob McCoskrie and Catriona MacLennan (One News Tonight 11/1/12)

Breakfast speaks to barrister Catriona MacLennan (19/4/12)

 “Horrendous” case renews calls for mandatory reporting (One News 18/4/12)

SPCA to lobby for Commissioner for Animals (3 News 12/11/13)

Family Court overhaul puts onus on families (3 News 2/8/12)

Judges too soft on animal abusers, lawyer says (3 News 1/12/11)